MEXICO CITY: The talented guitarist, Charles Postlewate, demonstrated mastery of his instrument and captivated the audience with his beautiful interpretations.

THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT FLINT: The audience brought him back again and again for encores. His performance was one of the best in the eight years of the Artists America Series.

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA: I have never had so many people absolutely rave about a concert as they did about Postlewate's.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: Charles Postlewate is unquestionably master of the frets with double-edged proficiency and a technical flair. He was a technical wizard at times and his presentation was alternately hot and fluid, ending with two encores.

ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE: He gave an outstanding concert. His unique approach was entertaining as well as highly professional.

NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA: His performance was a display of technical prowess and interpretive skill.


THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: Dual Images is an impressive example of the guitar's flexibility as a musical instrument and Postlewate's flexibility as an artist. It is well-done from a technical standpoint.

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO: The performances are delicate, sensitive and well crafted. The technical quality of the disc is superb. Dual Images is a delightful addition to our library.

CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE (LONDON): Charles Postlewate is one of few players who manages to combine two forms successfully…an important figure who commands the respect of us all. His jazz arrangements show an assertive style that is never less than musicianly.

GUITAR AND LUTE MAGAZINE (HONOLULU): Postlewate has a fine light touch, a sensitive ear, and an enviable range. I'd give twice the price of the album (Dual Images). More! More!

GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE: Dual Images features a masterful combination of improvisation, rich extended harmonies, and technical wizardry.

JOHNNY SMITH, Legendary Jazz Guitarist: Charles Postlewate possesses the rare talent of being outstanding both as a teacher and as a performer. His jazz arrangements bring out the in-depth personal concepts of a well-rounded musician and the playing is excellent.

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